IVF Vietnam continues to grow, leading the region in 2019

2019 continues to witness a successful development of the Vietnamese assisted human reproduction field in both quantity and quality. In popular belief, the year of the pig is also a good year for giving birth.

As to the scale

The quantity of new IVF centers continued to rise. The number of new IVF cycles in Vietnam in 2019 would certainly set a new record. The number of cycles of frozen embryo transfer also increased. Vietnam continued to maintain its position as the country which applied assisted reproductive technology the most in the ASEAN region thanks to its rapid growth.

On the scientific side

At the ASPIRE 2019 annual scientific congress, Vietnam was among the top 5 countries with the largest number of participants; the top 5 countries with the most abstracts. Also at ASPIRE 2019, Vietnam received many important scientific awards: 2 awards for the best conference report and 2 awards for the best young researcher. In 2019, IVF Vietnam has many publications in international journals, especially those in influential ones and ASPIRE's Fertility & Reproduction Journal. The Vietnamese representative was also invited to be a lecturer for the pre-conference scientific research training course at ASPIRE 2019.

In addition, IVF Vietnam representatives were also invited to deliver reports in most major international conferences in the region: IFFS (Shanghai), ASPIRE (Hong Kong), JSIF (Tokyo), PSRM (Pattaya), Ovarian Club ( Hong Kong) ... Outstanding Vietnamese studies were selected for speeches in major international conferences: ESHRE (Vienna), ASRM (Philadelphia).

With a series of reports in important conferences and more than 5 published articles in many prestigious international journals on IVM (In-vitro Maturation) technology under the improved protocol, Vietnam is now recognized as one of the world leaders in IVM technology.

Regarding operation management

At ASPIRE 2019, Vietnamese experts were invited to develop a pre-conference training course on Comprehensive Quality Management in Assisted Reproduction. Three Vietnamese experts also became trainers in this course.

In a seminar held in Vietnam, More than 40 delegates in the region visited IVFMD and IVFMD Phu Nhuan centers to examine facilities and learn about the quality management system of IVFMD Vietnam. IVF Vietnam is recognized by the region as a successful model with good treatment quality and low treatment costs compared to other countries in the neighborhood.

Doctor Ho Manh Tuong